The Transit of Venus ‘04 - The Results
08/06/04, 5.45am - 12.30pm BST

Greg and I have captured the whole event, and we will probably still be working through the megabytes of data when the next Transit of Venus occurs!. This is some of what we got...
An AVI file (as a 4Mb zip) showing the 3rd and 4th contacts can be downloaded by clicking here.
05:38:35.126 GMT
ToV '04: 05:38:35.126 GMT
ToV '04: 08:49:32.592 GMT
08:49:32.592 GMT
ToV '04: 11:04:47.201 GMT
11:04:47.201 GMT
A series of images showing snapshots near 2nd contact, mid-transit and 3rd contact. Clicking the individual images will show a larger version.

These images were captured by Greg’s Borg 76ED with a modified ToUcam Pro webcam and K3 CCD Tools 2.
3rd Contact! This image is the best, most accurate, image of 3rd contact I have processed from the data I collected.

This image of 3rd contact is from an AVI capture taken by my ETX90 with an unmodified Toucam Pro webcam and a Baader IR blocking filter at prime focus.
I have calculated the time that this image was captured as 11:04:24.2 GMT.
ToV '04: 3rd Contact at 11:04:24.2 GMT
Ian Neill, 09/07/04, re-edited 13/10/06.
The ToV ‘04 Gallery Images were all captured using my ETX 90 with an unmodified ToUcam Pro webcam (and a Baader IR blocking filter at prime focus) and K3 CCD Tools 1. Post capture processing using Serif PhotoPlus 8 was as follows:

  1. Convert each image to greyscale, 8-bit colour depth.
  2. Perform a histogram stretch on each image.
  3. Apply an unsharp mask (50%, 4 pixels) to each image.
  4. Flip each image vertically to correct the orientation.