The CPC was not my first computer (that was a VIC20 - did you have a “Super-Expander”?), but it was, and still is, my favourite. I got my CPC6128 shortly after it was launched - this was partially funded by selling my Vic20, and my beloved “Super-Expander”.

My main CPC6128 interest has always been hardware expansion. This lead me to Sideways ROMs and EPROMs...

Sideways ROMs and EPROMs

  ->EPROM Programmer Project
  ->RS232 Interface Project (information soon)
  ->RAM-ROM Expansion Project (information soon)
  ->EPROMs as Logic Arrays (information soon)

Along the way I learnt Z80 Machine Language, picked up a Mulitface and enjoyed TearAway. I subscribed to Amstrad Action and WACCI (I think I am still subscribed to WACCI, but who knows where it is), and was a member of Roy Everet’s ATM fanzine crew. This has left me an impressive CPC Library, some unfinished projects, and many happy memories.

I now use WinAPE32 and have got more CPC software via the NVG FTP Archive Server than I ever had in the ‘80’s. With this and the “die-hard” CPC community on the Internet, I now find myself being drawn back to the real CPC with an urge to finishing some of those projects...

Although the NVG FTP Archive Server is easily accessible, it can become a lot of work just to organise the various downloads for use with whichever emulator you decide to use. This has been solved by Troels who has written the CPC Loader software. The CPC Games CD maintained, by MiguelSky, contains a copy of his software and a recent snapshot of the NVG archive. More details can be found on the on the CPC Games CD page.
Amsrtad CPC Information and projects
Ian Neill, 2005, re-edited 15/10/06.