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Frontend CPC Loader 1.6.3 by Troels K.
NVG games update 10/06/2007.
Snap-Pack with ALL the captures (3464 images).
Emulators: CPCE (v1.81), WinCPC (v0.9.26) and WinApe (v2.0a12).
CPC Loader Version History:
CPC Games CD - new for this 24.06.2007 update:
1.6.3 Released 2007-1-22. Updates unknown.
1.6.2 Released 2007-01-01. CPCE rom settings. New dbf driver. Handling of 'unusual' Data format variants (srambase).
1.6.1 Released 2006-06-13. Bugfixes.
1.6 Released 2005-11-01. Bugfixes. cpcload.dbf/shortname, big dsk support (ROMDOS D1).
1.5 Released 2005-06-28. WinCPC support. Bad encoding/decoding of accents and national chars in zipped filenames. Bugfixes (Steve McQueens Westphaser, CPCAdventure, Dynamite). Internal Arnold crash (Dogfight 2187).
1.4 Released 2005-01-06. Full Caprice32 integration (F2/F4/F5/F6/F7/F10/PrtScr/Pause). Sna-files handling (Drive A).
Released 2004-09-20. Embedded Caprice32. CPC Explorer window persistence. Bugfixes (masque.zip).
1.2 Released 2004-07-05. Caprice 4.x support. Bugfixes (Caprice: Drive B not working, Barry Mcguigan's World Championship Boxing didn't work, name is too long to fit in cpcload.dbf/title, Star Trap + Lasersquad failed to convert to CPC Loader format).
1.1 Released 2003-09-29. ROM dialog box. Bugfixes. 'Open' Arnold embedding. Autorun feature.
1.1 Beta Released 2003-07-04. CPC Explorer: Added PNG screenshot pane. Added file format (CPC Loader Collection/Folders). Embedded Arnold: Added PNG support. Many bugfixes.
1.0 Released 2003-05-20.
The CPC Games CD is a huge collection of CPC software with Troels K’s CPC Loader serving as a user-friendly frontend for a number of Amstrad CPC emulators. It introduces a new method of storing CPC programs that makes using them easier for the end user and provides a special explorer view of the CPC programs with two built-in emulators.

The CPC Games CD is distributed by MiguelSky as a ZIPped ISO CD image that contains Troels K’s CPC Loader software and a recently made snapshot of the games directory (ftp://ftp.nvg.unit.no/pub/cpc/games) of the NVG software archive.
The CPC Games CD is no longer hosted at Binaria. It was too popular and the amount of daily downloads caused my ISP to shelve my site until I removed it.
Ian Neill, updated 02/09/07.
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