Useful downloads all in one handy place
The Firmware Guide: Firmware.zip, and software: FW-Guide files.zip

Richard Wilson’s WinAPE32 CPC Emulator: WinAPE20A13.zip

Utility to transfer CPC disks to Emulator disk images: cpdr324.zip

Utility to transfer Emulator disk images back to CPC disks: cpdw103.zip

All of the ARNOR ROM images: Arnor.zip

Multiface ROM image: Multface.zip, and documentation: mf2docs.zip

The ParaDOS ROM image: Parados.zip and documentation: Parados.pdf

The ATM fanzine: atm1.zip, atm2.zip, atm3.zip, atm4.zip, atm5.zip

Practical Electronics ROM board project: amstrad_rom_expander.pdf

ETI serial EPROM programmer Project: SOON!

Software to drive the serial EPROM Programmer: SOON!
Ian Neill, updated 02/09/07.