My great idea to build a modern Windows 3.1 machine
Yes, I still have a Windows 3.1 PC. I find it useful for compiling true 16bit applications and running a lot of legacy applications - especially old games.

My current Windows 3.1 PC has the following specification:
Windows for Workgroups v3.11
Intel 486DX4 100 CPU
32MB 72-pin SIMM memory (non-EDO)
Creative SoundBlaster 16 ISA sound card
Cirrus Logic 512kB CL5429 VESA LB graphics card
1 8GB HDD - with 4x2GB partitions  
VESA LB EIDE adapter
AT keyboard
RS232 serial port mouse
1 3.5” floppy drive
2 CDROM drives, 2x spd via SB16, 24x spd via IDE
3Com 3C??? 10M network interface
Windows for Workgroups v3.11
AMD K6-2 500MHz CPU
384MB PC100 memory
Ensonic PCI sound card
NVidia TNT 16MB AGP graphics card
1 8GB HDD - with 4x2GB partitions
1 6GB HDD - with 3x2GB partitions  
On-board dual channel EIDE
PS2 keyboard
PS2 mouse
1 3.5” floppy drive
1 CDROM drives, 48x spd via IDE
1 CDRW drive, 24x, 16x speed via IDE
3Com 3C905? 10/100M network interface
Using only hardware that I have on my shelf, a new Windows 3.1 PC could have the following specification:
Ian Neill, 2006, updated 02/09/07.
Newsflash: MS Virtual PC 2007 is completely free and can support Windows 3.11 with networking... Works too!
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